Every purchase tells her story

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Our Mission

The Penny Story exists as a reminder that every human matters. The penny is worn not only as a symbol but also used as an action in the movement towards abolishing slavery in the 21st century. 
Pennies are stepped on, stepped over, forgotten about, and they have become worthless in our society.

They lie on the ground, but we do not take the time to notice them or pick them up. At gas stations, they are left on the counter for our convenience - we take one if we need one; we leave it if we don’t. 

These pennies represent victims of human trafficking. There are 27 million of them. They are invisible, yet, they are everywhere. They are stepped on, stepped over, forgotten about and used for our convenience.


Trafficking is Everywhere

And The Penny Story partners with the A21 Campaign to fight it around the world though its 12 international offices.

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Common Cents

Common Cents tells the story about an ordinary girl who uses the metaphor of a penny to create awareness of modern day slavery. This documentary depicts what can happen when a dream becomes a movement and people unite to fight for human life.



The penny bracelet is made in Gulf Shores, Alabama, by a team of local, penny-loving artisans. We choose to have the bracelets made locally so that we can ensure that they are manufactured without the use of slave or forced labor. 

Meet Kendall

I recently completed my graduate program for Professional Counseling. I love straight black espresso as much as I love pennies. I fell in love with the penny and its story in fall 2012, and I knew it would forever change the way I see pennies. However, I had no idea I would one day give the penny a voice. Through selling the penny bracelet, we are actively fighting modern day slavery.

I am on a mission to bring life and worthiness to those who have been deemed unworthy of life.


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