in november 2011 my life completely changed.

I experienced one of those turning points. The kind that alters every aspect of your life. I wanted to know Jesus in a way that was deep, authentic, and… effective. I wanted to see evidence of him at work in my life every. single. day.

I knew God, I had a relationship with him, but I served him out of duty, not love. I made time for him, but I did not enjoy the time I made for him. It was routine and monotonous and it didn’t have much impact on my day to day life.

In November 2011 I finally had enough of that ho-hum Christian life. I wanted to love loving God. I wanted my life to have a positive, real impact on the world around me.

I remember my mama told me that if I wanted to experience God’s presence, if I wanted to LOVE loving him, and if I wanted to be used by him on a daily basis, I had to get in the Bible. Every day. I had to make time for studying him. Every day. I had to wake up and choose to prioritize time with him. Every day.

In short, I had to embrace DISCIPLINE.

Learning the art of being spiritually disciplined radically impacted my life.

I am ready to see it do the same in your life.

When we prioritize our relationship with God, everything around us starts to shift. It changes things. I want to see this happen for you. I want to see you grow in your relationship with God. I want to see that relationship not only significantly impact your life, but also the lives of those around you. I want to help turn the lofty term “spiritual discipline” into practical application.

This is why we are launching the Penny Story Subscription.

Throughout each month, you will receive real, practical content that is relevant to your life. I’m telling ya, in comparison to the resources and tools you’ll receive to grow spiritually, you won’t regret spending the $11.18. And the best part about it? You can decide to unsubscribe any time you want! No strings attached.

The lack of consistency in our time with Jesus is the root of the lacking in every other area. The lack of desire, vision, and clarity all stem from a lack of consistent and undistracted time with Jesus.

Together we change that!


Q1. What will I receive when I sign up?

Q2. Will there be tips on how to make time for God?

Q3. Can I sign up for the Penny Story Subscription as a way to support this ministry?

Q4. When and how will I be charged?

Q5. Can I unsubscribe whenever I want to?

A1. The content from this subscription is on a page within the website that is password protected. You will receive the password and then have full, 24/7 access to the content. The content includes, but is not limited to, videos from me, videos from guests who have mentored me, resources such as blogs, podcasts, songs, sermons, etc., and more. **Side note: this is a new venture for me and the Penny Story so it will be evolving and growing into its own thing. But, as it evolves, you can expect to get 100% of my effort!

A2. There will most definitely be tips on how to have daily time with God. Consistency and growth in your relationship with God is my goal for you!

A3. Absolutely. Maybe you have a good rhythm in place when it comes to spiritual discipline but you still want to support the Penny Story so it can continue to grow and help women. Subscribing to this would be a great way to do that!

A4. You will be charged on the 18th of every month for $11.18.

A5. Yes. You can unsubscribe at any point in time. Absolutely no strings attached!