“Wow.. how do I sum up a month that completely and radically changed my life? It added so much. Depending completely on God and really understanding the power of community and prayer can absolutely change your life.”

“It without a doubt changed my course of life.”

“To know every day I woke that Kendall was intentionally praying for me and asking God to take ahold of my life completely changed how I walked through my day to the point of how I walk through life this very day.”

“With Kendall’s guidance and prayers, I felt more at peace about the decisions that I made during our month together.”

“I have seen God moving so much more in my every day life than before starting this. I am now searching for him all day every day whereas before this month of mentoring I was comfortable with not hearing from God during my day. Now I’m like ‘God where are you?’”


In a nutshell, I mentor women of all ages to help them recognize the activity of God in their day to day lives so that they may fulfill their God-given potential.

I want to spend some time with you. I want to know what is going on in your world. What are you having a hard time processing or carrying alone? Are you in transition and unsure of the next season? Are you trying to develop consistency in your time with God? Are you trying to figure out what a relationship with God even is? Are you in a really great season and just want someone in your corner cheering you on?

I have mentored girls across the whole spectrum of life. Some girls come into the month wondering what it means to be spiritually disciplined, some girls come in with a completely shattered heart because of a curveball life threw them, and others come in just wanting to be part of a healthy mentorship process. Wherever you are, I want to meet you there.

This opportunity is for you if…

You want a mentor that you have access to more than a weekly meeting

You are looking for spiritual accountability and guidance

You want practical tools and resources to help you grow in your relationship with God

You are ready to see the miraculous in the mundane and partner with the activity of God in your life

What I want for my girls…

I want you to be able to get past the trivial things in life (the drama, the toxic relationships, the unhealthy habits) and have your eyes opened to the fact that there is such a bigger, ETERNAL purpose for why you are placed on this earth. There is an incredibly larger picture at play, but it so easily gets clouded by the junk we go through in day to day life.

I come in to help you clear out the junk and create spiritual disciplines that will have a lasting impact on your life. Our mentoring relationship will open your eyes to the activity of God that is actually going on all around you at all times. This, my friend, will change your life. I have no doubt. Trust me on this one ;)

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