Coffee for you, too?

virtual coffee date.JPG

Look, here we are having virtual coffee! See my mug there on the right? It's empty because this is a staged picture. See my computer? You are there on the other side of the screen but only theoretically because again, this is a staged picture.

We are talking about life. Boys? School? Jobs? Relationships? Your cat you love more than life? We are talking about whatever you have on your mind when everything else gets quiet.

During our coffee date, our worlds will intersect for a bit of time, and the role I will have is something between your best friend who you vent to over a meal and a licensed therapist you hired to meet with weekly. I am neither of those things... I actually fall right in the middle of them! I am an unbiased, objective, godly sounding board that will give you new perspective on an old issue. Sometimes it just helps to have an fresh, outside perspective, ya know?

Though this picture is staged, our conversations won't be. When we do have coffee (virtually) I will more than likely not be looking as if I am ready to go out on the town and socialize the day away. I will probably be looking like I've been lounging around with my very cute kitten and very obnoxious dog. I hope you come in the same way!