Oh, the documentary. I know not where to begin! I knew it would be a significant day, but I had no idea it’d be as significant as it was. As it is, rather.


People are still telling me how much it impacted them. My prayer for the documentary was and is that people experience the presence of God when they watch it. The documentary is very factual and informative; it does not intentionally provoke emotion to bring people to respond.

The story we tell through the documentary isn’t fabricated; it is what we captured the 5 months we filmed. We had no intentions to manipulate the emotions of viewers, yet the evening was very emotional for hundreds of people.

I wish I could talk about every moment of the day. About how I woke up in terrible, mean mood and cried my way through the morning. Or, about how my family was in town, and I had every hour of the day intentionally planned, but ended up staying in PJs and not leaving the house until almost dinner time.

It is not always sunflowers and rainbows. Sometimes, it is just plain hard and confusing for no evident reason. I did not intend for THIS day, the day I had thought about every day for ELEVEN months, to be one of those “off” doesn’t-make-sense kind of days. 

Though it began like this, it ended the opposite.

The release event went better than I could have imagined. SEU Worship wrote and released a 24-hour single, and it ended up being titled “Worthy.” It correlates so much with the message of The Penny Story, and over $1000 has been donated to the A21 Campaign through people buying this song. You can purchase the song here if you would like. We also sold hundreds and hundreds of penny bracelets in just a couple of hours!

Walking up to the Polk Theatre from dinner – about 45 minutes before the documentary started– I will never forget this image or the overwhelming feeling. The doors hadn’t opened and the line of people wrapped around the building. We pumped the documentary so much that I figured people would come, but to see a long, long line of people wrapping around the building was completely surreal. Who were they and where did they come from?! Were that many people genuinely interested in this penny thing?

Taking it all in showed me yet again that this is not about me. I am not interesting enough to attract 1000+ people to a building. I know this is of the Lord, for the Lord, about the Lord, and because of the Lord and His love for the pennies.

I am honored that He is allowing me to be a carrier of His penny dream. I know that if I am to spiritually check-out one day – to walk away from a life that is honoring to God – the penny dream won’t fail. God will simply entrust it to someone else that can carry the calling. The dream doesn’t fail because Kendall fails, because the dream isn’t mine. God is using me to make His dream of seeing His daughters restored a reality.

I am shocked and honored that He is trusting me to carry His dream, and this pushes me to become more disciplined. To be disciplined is to be obedient. I am seeing dreams become reality through living a life of discipline.

On the evening of the documentary release, I got in bed well after midnight with many unread texts. I slowly and thoughtfully read each one. I saw so many unexpected faces at the release, and people traveled anywhere from 10 minutes down the road to 10 hours away from other states. I am still hearing all about how much God impacted numerous people.

This is all I prayed for. If anyone left the documentary thinking that pennies or Kendall is saving the world, I failed at communicating. This is not about pennies, and it certainly isn’t about me. If you know me well enough you know that this just does not make sense, but this dream is unfolding, and it’s not stopping.

Thank you for being on the journey with us and believing in the pennies...this is only the beginning!