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I'm glad our worlds have collided (virtually) for a moment


Want to see what's going on with our A21 fundraiser?

Let me tell you about pennies… you know, the little copper coins you find in the most obscure places. They are rather cheap, usually dirty, and often overlooked.

Six years ago, I had a lightbulb moment. I was sitting in a college class titled Human Trafficking in America. The professor compared pennies to victims of human trafficking. Just as pennies are stepped on and stepped over, so are victims of human trafficking. Pennies are left on gas station countertops for our convenience – we take one if we need one, we leave it if we don’t. These copper coins represent the millions of victims across the globe.

I knew I would never see a penny the same again. I knew I wanted to help abolish this world-wide injustice. But I was one seemingly insignificant college girl from a small town in Alabama. What could I do to help bring freedom to MILLIONS in captivity around the entire globe?!

Doing nothing was not an option. We started making penny bracelets and donating the proceeds to A21. I would sell a penny bracelet to anyone, I mean anyone, who would buy one. If you were my Facebook friend in 2013, you were more than likely tired of me begging (okay, maybe forcing) people to buy a penny bracelet.

A few months into selling penny bracelets to my friends and family, a rather unlikely turn of events happened. Singer/songwriter Kari Jobe reached out and asked if she could start selling these penny bracelets in her merchandise. Say WHAT! Talk about a dream come true! A voice for the pennies louder than mine? Yes please!

Kari picking up the penny bracelets is what turned this small-town dream into a nationwide movement. People all over America (and Europe, too!) started buying penny bracelets and creating awareness to trafficking in their sphere of influence.

We went from donating $50 to A21 every so often to donating thousands of dollars on a regular basis.

Would you like to join us in ending trafficking? Buy your penny bracelet here


“It just started with noticing pennies! And now we’ve sold more than 20,000 bracelets.” She’s not the only one delighted. Christine Caine shares that excitement. Caine admits that a lot of people want to do something to affect trafficking, but Kendall's passion and pursuit have proven special.

“Kendall has bravely looked in the direction of injustice and decided to use what was in her hand to make a difference,” says Caine. “I think the Penny Story and bracelets have been so successful because of the meaning behind it, the passion within it, and the determination that Kendall has had to make a difference.”


Common Cents tells the story about an ordinary girl who uses the metaphor of a penny to create awareness of modern day slavery. This documentary depicts what can happen when a dream becomes a movement and people unite to fight for human life.

Watch the trailer here:


You can imagine my excitement when Fox News wanted to do an interview about human trafficking and the Penny Story's role in creating awareness!

watch the interview:


Would you like to host a trafficking awareness event but don't know what to do?

We would love to partner with you and give you resources to educate the people in your community, school, church, small group, or ________ (whatever area of influence you have). Remember, small does not mean insignificant. I mean we're over here changing the world with a PENNY!

Click here to request more information on hosting a trafficking awareness event